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How to Buy Auto Parts Without Getting Cheated

Buying auto parts straight out of dealerships can be expensive. Some of the prices official workshops offer for spare parts will shock you. A piece of trim that is valued at $5 could have a hidden 5000% premium when it reaches the retail counter. Some of this parts have a high price because everyone just takes their cost for granted without testing the market. Here we are going to help you to buy both common and rare, and normally expensive parts at a bargain price, or at least at one which is acceptable.


Do Your Homework

Not a homework in a true sense of that word, but you need to do research. Before buying any part, you should visit two websites. and The searches that should interest you on the first site include the needed part and ‘distance.’ When you see the prices in your area head to eBay. On this site, you select the named part and do your search with ‘pricing+shipping’ lowest in your query. Also, the estimated time of delivery is essential. You don’t want to wait for one month for a spare part while your car sits in your garage. Compare the price and delivery time and make your choice.



Before completing a purchase at a dealership or a website be sure to confirm the specific part number of your order. Without it, you won’t be able to file a grievance if the piece you got is inadequate. You should always do this regardless of the size, price, and importance of the part you are about to buy.


Bargain, but politely

You can always get a part cheaper on a junkyard if you pull the good old ‘they have it cheaper there and there.’ But, there are ways that you need to handle negotiations. First, there is a difference on a 20,000 and 200,000 miles engines. Don’t rate them the same way, you’ll offend the seller. Second, before you start bargaining be sure that you have your homework done, as we explained in our first take. Your seller will do this for sure so don’t lie too much, he’ll know and will give you false information as a reward.



Craigslist might tempt you, but you should stay away from it. Unlike other sources we named, you can’t get a refund or change of goods on Craigslist. Compared to other online sites and junkyards, it is the worst choice.


Coupons are the new black

Buying parts are expensive. But, it doesn’t need to be like that. Websites such as can supply you with coupons which will give you a discount on original manufacturers parts. Even if you buy them form a third party. Many believe that if they buy parts from a third party, they will lose their warranty, which is not true! Buying on coupons is possible on eBay, Walmart, or Amazon.


If you buy rare parts, do it in person

Some car parts that are rare, classic, or unique usually can’t be found on eBay nor Car-Part nor the official site of the manufacturer. You’d be surprised how many of these can be found if you take a stroll down the junkyard. The best way to attain rare parts is to try and dig them yourself.


Be your own mechanic

Sometimes, many parts can be found on a junkyard, but the owner is too lazy to find and remove it themselves and offer it for sale. If you go to a junkyard with your own tools and find the car that has the part you need, and you remove it yourself, the owner will sell it to you for pennies.


Visit forums

One man doesn’t know all by himself. Thank god for forums. Websites that operate as forums are full of car enthusiast who will know the things that you don’t for sure. These places have members from the entire United States, and some of them will even be willing to find a part for you and ship it. At a price, of course, but a fellow car enthusiast knows that he’ll need a favor back, so there’s no overpaying.


Buy a car-part car

Sometimes if you find the same model being sold at an auction at a discount price, you should consider buying it. This way you will have a ton of spare parts, and you will save yourself from online buying and visits to junkyards.


Leave the dealer as a last option

If you have tried out all of the ways of attaining car parts we listed above, then you have no other choice. Visit your local dealer and pay them what they are asking. In the end, the most important thing is to have your car up and running.


With all of the above mentioned, we would love to recommend a website for spare parts. Unfortunately, this one is no longer in function, but when it was, it was the best in business. When you are looking for spare parts, be sure to find a website similar to (Autoshepherd) Their dealership is located at 5945 Temple City Blvd, Temple City, CA 91780. You can reach out to them on this phone number – (800) 429-9150. Be sure to call them as their salesmen are knowledgeable and eager to help you both with a car and car parts purchase.


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