How much does a Kid Dirt Bike cost: A Complete Guide for Parents

There isn’t a thing we wouldn’t do for our kids, but many of us often go too far, as we do more than we should. We simply like to make them happy, and buying them something they truly want is a great way to do so. Now, depending on what kids like and what they are fond of, we can get them a toy, ball, bring them to some game, etc., but if we had to pick one thing we can get for our kids, something that will undoubtedly mark their life and bring so many memories, that would absolutely be buying them a kid dirt bike.

There is something special about motorcycles

At some point in our lives, we all start to be more and more interested in wheels. Now, some like the classics, while others are more into limousines, and we cannot forget about sports cars that are always highly popular, but there is simply something different, something special about bikes. Power, control, and speed are just some of the reasons people fall in love with them, but even if you are afraid or not into driving them, you cannot disagree and say that you do not like how bikes look, what they represent, and how riding one is much more enjoyable than driving a car.

There are many types of bikes to choose from, as the offer is vast, but dirt bikes are something else, as there isn’t a better way to enjoy the offroad ride than with them. That is why buying one for your kid is one of the best decisions you can make. Of course, making the right choice can take some time, as there are also plenty of things to consider before making any decision, and price always plays a huge role in that. That is why we gathered some tips on how costly this can be and how you, as a parent, can be sure that you made the right decision.

The price

Some of the first questions we all ask are regarding the price and how much something will cost. Now, depending on additional features, whether you have a helmet for a motorcycle for kids and other necessary gear, the price can vary. Understandably, how powerful the bike is also influences the price, which is why if your kid has never before had the chance to ride one, you should go with the one with less CC. As for how much money is needed for a less powerful dirt bike, it depends on the market and whether you want to go with a newer or older type but, the price for a new one is somewhere around 5000 USD.

Consider the kid’s age

Once you decide to start the search for the perfect dirt bike for your kid, it is normal that you will see and be aware that there are different sizes, and there is something for every child. Different sizes have different prices, and what is the most important is to avoid thinking about the money when choosing the right size of the dirt bike for your child because it can lead to buying something inappropriate just because of the money. When the right size is determined, it is time to search and find the right bike within the price range that you can afford.

Think about the brand

After determining the right size, another pretty challenging choice is to pick the right brand. These bikes are popular among people of all ages, and it is not a big surprise that children want to try them too. Sometimes buying one from a reputable and world-famous manufacturer seems like a great idea, but we should be aware that we can buy the one with the same specifications for less money. It is tempting to choose a bike made from Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki, and many people think that it is the only safe solution, but it is not like that. When we want to buy something for our kids, the only important thing is to buy them something safe, although many people do not agree that dirt bikes are safe, and if we make that big decision, we need to research all the possibilities.

If we do the research, we will see that there are many less-known manufacturers around the world that can offer us the same or even better products for a more affordable price. Of course, it is not easy to trust everything we see online, and because of that, we need to read the reviews and find a reliable manufacturer since it is about our kid’s safety, and if you do not have enough time to surf and read every detail, visit Gear Honest, and check their offer. They have dirt bikes for kids from three to thirteen years, and many satisfied buyers prove that they are one of the most reliable companies to buy from.

Do not forget the proper gear

Buying a dirt bike for the child is not a cheap present, and there are some other things that add up to the total price and make it even higher. It is not something that we can choose to buy or decide to save some money and give kids their present without it because it is something that can help them remain safe during the wild and crazy ride. The first thing to buy is a helmet because driving a dirt bike without it is something that even adults should not do, so it is a must-have for kids. Besides that, it is always a good idea to buy them gloves, boots and eyeglasses, and of course a proper suit.


Now, after reading all this, hopefully, you will know precisely what to expect and how much money you will need, as even though it’s not something you buy regularly, it’s always good to know all the options. Buying a bike, along with all the necessary gear for it, will surely affect the budget but will also surely bring so much happiness into your kid’s life. So, there is only one thing left to do, to get one for your kid.

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